Auctions are an innovative and highly successful method of marketing to sell your Assets & Personal Property. Asset IQ provides sellers with an accelerated sales solution by implementing a targeted marketing campaign & Auction sales methods which deliver results.

Our experienced and dedicated Auction team specializes in working with Sellers to evaluate their unique needs and timeline in order to design a successful accelerated marketing campaign which brings a pool of interested, qualified buyers to preview and bid on the Auction date selected by the Seller.

Auctions once considered the last resort are now being sought out by sophisticated Sellers as a way of marketing their assets to buyers around the world. Asset IQ has the Experience and is ready and well prepared to help you turn your asset into a SOLD.

Our Brands - Strategic Asset Management

Our passion for efficient and profitable ventures is rivaled only by our expertise in the industries we serve. Given the current economic challenges, at no time in recent history has this been more critical.

Golf Marketplace

Are you a dealer/distributor/lender or course operator in the golf industry? If so, you have felt the challenges facing the market – building brand recognition, increasing club/course visibility, increasing player/member volume, while delivering the best experience.

Agriculture Marketplace

In a highly fragmented market, Agriculture Marketplace provides a compelling platform for the world's farmers and agriculture operators to easily and confidently exchange equipment.

Asset IQ

The reputation and success of Asset IQ has been built on integrity, honesty, and providing outstanding service, with a staff of professionals that is committed to excellence.